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Cache Bust WordPress Assets Based On Git Revision

A cache-buster is a unique piece of code that prevents a browser from reusing an ad it has already seen and cached, or saved, to a temporary memory file. This is my way of doing it in WordPress based upon Git Revision.

Installing WordPress core via Composer and finding the proper rewrites for Nginx or Apache

Installing WordPress core via Composer and finding the proper rewrites for Nginx or Apache. The idea is to separate the WordPress site’s components into their own directories right at the root. This creates a simple modular structure, where parts of a WordPress site are totally on their own. This makes things less complex and less prone to errors.

My experience at Uppsala Hackathon, and how to build a mobile app in a day

The Uppsala Hackathon was attended by about 60-70 participants. Some people had teams and ideas before they arrived, but I had not found a team, so I joined one that consisted of the Valtech Consultants: Sara Ingmar, Daniel Lervik, Petter Norman and Sandra Nyström.

Remove Previous, Next and Done buttons from keyboard in Phonegap in iOS

I've been working on my first Phonegap project together with a friend the last week or so. He's been developing most of the app for Android and Eclipse, and my job is to make sure it runs smoothly in iOS.

Integrate Testflight, Flurry and Corona SDK

Testflight I use Testflight to coordinate pre-releases of software I develop for the iOS platform. Testflight is an amazing tool and I’m surprised Apple hasn’t bought the company yet. You simply create a group of people, send out invites and have them register their devices with Testflight. Unfortunately, the provisioning profile in the iOS ecosystem is a huge clusterf*ck, so you have to manually and not to mention painfully add these identifiers to your provisioning profile in the Apple Developer Portal. When the profile is updated with the correct devices, you upload the .IPA to Testflight and add some release notes and hit send. The people participating in your beta release will then get an email that they can download a new version. Testflight and Corona SDK At work, we use the Corona SDK to develop multi platform games. Corona Labs describes their product as follows: Corona SDK is the leading mobile development ...(Read More)